Succulent Gifts & Plantings

Made for those that want a easy-to-care-for and beautiful foliar addition to the home. Succulents are water storing plants that crave sunshine and excel with less water than other plants. Perfect for both those that have black thumbs or more experienced gardeners. While drought tolerant, succulents of all varieties still need to be watered. Allow soil to dry completely between waterings. 

Succulent gifts and plantings available online change frequently as new cuttings are ready to plant. Check back often to see what's on the farm. 

Actual succulent purchased may not be the exact plant show in the picture, but will be just as beautiful and ready for your home. 

Currently, all succulents gifts are available for local delivery or pick up only (Madison, Wisconsin)

Succulent Living Frame

Turn your succulents in to a work of art!  This is an untreated Vertical Framed Wall planter.  It is constructed with CEDAR which is ROT and INSECT resistant, so this is perfect for a low-maintenance vertical garden and will last a long time.   The planter box measures 14" x 14" with the plant opening measuring 10" x 10".  All plants, soil, moss, planter and hanging cleats included.  These planters are custom made and will vary in color, plant and style.  Available for local (Madison, WI) delivery or pick up only.

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