“Hide not your talents. They for use were made. What’s a sundial in the shade?”
— Ben Franklin
Honey, 2018 … Photo credit Brynn, Feathered Arrow Photography

Honey, 2018 … Photo credit Brynn, Feathered Arrow Photography

On the eve of September 11th, I find it only fitting to launch my pet project from the summer.

Seventeen years ago I remember exactly where I was when American soil was attacked. I remember where the sun was in the sky, the crisp September air, the eerie calmness of Lake Superior in the midst of tragedy. I am not alone in these moments and those that followed.

In the months to come, I will have had enlisted in the United States Army National Guard and deployed to fight a war in a foreign land. And, while your opinions on this matter may differ greatly, I think we can all agree the support for our first responders and veterans should never waiver.

Years have passed and life has marched on for me; love, loss and more blessings than I can count. However, deep in my heart, I have wanted to pay it forward in some way that will benefit those that have sacrificed more than I.

Clearly my love of dogs and flowers make this job easy. My goal is to raise as much money as possible in calendar sales for Custom Canines Service Academy. If you have connections in the press world or can help in my cause, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me.

And, here it is…

Buck, 2018 … Photo credit Brynn, Feathered Arrow Photography

Buck, 2018 … Photo credit Brynn, Feathered Arrow Photography


Local farm pairs cut flowers with various dog breeds for professional photo shoots

MADISON, WI – In Katy Ripp’s opinion, the only thing better than flowers is dogs wearing flowers.

As owner and operator of Mad Lizzie’s Flower Farm, a specialty cut-flower farm near Cross Plains, WI, Ripp knows the joy flowers can bring. She also recognizes the power dogs have in helping veterans heal and thrive after their service.

A veteran herself who served in Operation Iraqi Freedom, Ripp has combined her appreciation for flowers, dogs and veterans in a 2019 calendar that will benefit Custom Canines Service Dog Academy, a Madison-based nonprofit that trains and connects service dogs with veterans, as well as adults and children with disabilities.

To create the calendar, Ripp teamed up with four local photographers — Katie Gardner (Katie Gardner Photography), Melissa Winters (Melissa Winters Photography), Brynn Cunat (Feathered Arrow Photography) and Kaley Zanghi (Kaley Rae Photography) — to photograph Wisconsin dogs wearing crowns made of fresh flowers from her farm.

 “From pit bulls to German Shepherds to Whippets, every dog looks adorable in a fresh flower crown,” Ripp says. “These talented photographers really brought these dogs’ personalities to life and I know the images will make people smile.”

“It’s our privilege and mission to connect our amazing dogs with those in need,” said Nicole Meadowcroft, president of Custom Canines. “We’re excited that this beautifully photographed calendar will help support and draw attention to our work.”

The calendars will be available for pre-sale purchase starting November 11th and may be ordered on www.madlizzies.com. All profits will go directly to Custom Canines Service Dog Academy. 

About Custom Canines Service Dog Academy
CCSDA is a non-profit organization based in Madison, WI, which raises and trains service dogs that are then placed with families free of charge. These families can receive autism service dogs, visual companion dogs, mobility assistance dogs, and guide dogs. In addition, its “Heroes for Heroes” program trains and places service dogs to aid veterans. To learn more, visit www.customcanines.org.

Thank you as always for following along. More details, dates, order details and more will be available here and via social media very, very soon! Stay tuned!