December 2018

Meet Pearl.

Hey y'all! I'm a sweet southern girl who was rescued from an over-populated Mississippi kill-shelter and wound up at Dane County Humane via Society Rescue Waggin' Relocation Services. I was welcomed into a safe and loving home with a huge fenced-in yard. I am a loyal and loving companion who is always up for a walk, tussle or snuggle.

January 2019

Meet Willow.

Hi! I’m Willow the Sheep-a-Doodle. I’m four months old and have a lot of growing to do! People tell me I have the softest fur, and I'll admit it is pretty nice! I live with my favorite people, Gracyn and Braun...and their mom and dad. I'm a good girl (most of the time) and when I listen I'm rewarded with my favorite treat--ice cubes! My hobbies include chewing on my bone, stealing socks from the laundry room, and chasing the farm cat.

February 2019

Meet Roscoe.

Hi, some call me "Roc" and some call me "Big Guy" but my name is Roscoe. I am a standard Poodle and my is birthday on April 10, 2017! I enjoy long walks, playtime with my dog toys, especially like going through the drive-thru to get dog biscuits and ice cream! I give lots of hugs and kisses!

Meet Maverick + Liam

My name's Liam, a svelte 8 yr old whippet and this chunky monkey sitting next to me is my brother from another mother, Maverick. My mom says he's a Pit Bull, but I think he looks more like a Hippo. While I do like to run "fast laps" in the backyard, my absolute favorite thing to do is sunbathe. Mav's favorite thing to do is use our parents furniture like a trampoline, so you could say he's the Yin to my Yang, the Mac to my Cheese...My BFF.

march 2019

Meet Buck.

Howdy! My name is Buck and I live at my family's flower farm just outside of Cross Plains. I love rolling around with my sisters and brother and our litter of new kittens. I am very smart even at my young age and look forward to working on my agility training. I love snuggling, giving kisses to my human siblings, Miles & Madeline and curling up for a good snooze on the heat registers.

april 2019

Meet Juniper.

Hi! My name is Juniper (Junie for short). I’m a baby at Custom Canines en route to be a service dog! I hear that I get to do some pretty cool stuff for being a dog though, like when I went on a plane ride to Boston! At home, I’m just starting to figure out the rules. I learned that I have to sit before getting my dinner, and at night I have to sleep in the kennel even though I really love the couch! In my free time, I love to pounce on my older brother when he’s least expecting it. I also love getting down and dirty in the garden. Although I’m a drama queen sometimes, I’m pretty tired by the end of the day.

may 2019

Meet Katy.

My name is Katy. I'm a German Shepherd diligently training to be a guide dog. I am a smart, sweet, sassy girl who loves to play and go places with my people. I am always up for a new adventure. When I'm not working hard at my training some of my favorite things to do are to play in the water chasing the waves or swimming, tearing my toys apart, or playing ball (I even invented my own ball game that I play by myself).

June 2019

Meet Boomer.

Hi, my name is Boomer. I am a 1 1/2 year old Golden Retriever. My mom says I am a very special boy that will soon have a very special job. I am in training to be a PTSD Service Dog for a very special Veteran. People always say, it's hard to have a bad day when I am around, I think that is because, I love life, I am always smiling and just want everyone to know they all deserve happiness!!! My favorite thing to do is compression therapy and alerting (even through I just think I am giving hugs and kisses)!!!!

July 2019

Meet Maverick.

Mr. Maverick is my name, and being adorable is my game. I'm a 4 year old Pit Bull or American Bully or Hippo/Pig cross, not really sure. While some people think I look tough, I'm actually a big loveable smoosh of a dog. If you think my head is big, you should see my heart. My life was pretty terrible until the pawsome people at Milwaukee Area Domestic Animal Care and Control (MADACC) took me and my 12 roommates in. They found my new parents life has never been so good!. Things I 4 fur siblings, soft couches, my mom, hoodies, and pretty much everything else.

august 2019

Meet Hazel.

My name is Hazel and I am a 2 year old Standard Poodle. Everyone tells me I am beautiful, but I am not just a pretty face! I am smart too. I was raised in a 3rd grade classroom in Hazel Green, Wisconsin. That’s why I am named Hazel. I love children! I love to run and to play with other dogs. I love walking around our neighborhood and through the woods. I love going to work and out to restaurants even though I have to be really still and quiet. Life is fun when you’re a Service Dog in Training!

september 2019

Meet Lulu.

Lulu was born in Atlanta, Georgia and moved to Concord, NH at just a couple weeks old. At 8 weeks, Lulu was adopted into her forever home where to lived with her humans in Boston, MA for a year. She then traveled cross country in pursuit of the wide open spaces of the midwest. She settled with her humans in Cross Plains, WI where she now loves to spend her days lounging on the porch, playing catch and romping with her family.

October 2019

Meet Millie.

Millie is a Cardigan Corgi born March 2018. She is spirited, sassy and sweet. Millie lives with her dog brothers Chopper, a German Shepherd and Wheels, a golden retriever. She likes to be in charge.

november 2019

Meet Honey.

Hey there! My name is Honey and I am a red merle Australian Shepherd. I live with my brothers Buck and Dash, my sister Greta and a litter of farm kitties. I love to run on my family flower farm; Mad Lizzie's. My favorite thing to do is chase the kittens and roll around with Buck in the tall grass.

december 2019