Bucket O' Blooms


DIY-lovers and budget-conscious customers…REJOICE! Our Bucket O’ Blooms program is a way to order fresh cut flowers, fillers and greens/foliage in bulk. Use them as you wish for bouquets, arrangements, decor and favors. The buckets are typically sold in 50-75 stem mixed bunches at $75. We harvest our flowers for you no more than two days prior to your event. This ensures you are guaranteed the freshest, healthiest and “best-cut” blooms. Your flowers will be safely stored until pick-up.

A Bucket O’ Blooms requires payment in full to reserve your wedding/event date. We can only accommodate a limited number of events per week, but once you’ve reserved your date, you can enjoy the assurance that we’ll be lovingly growing your flowers and preparing for your special day!

Here’s how our Bucket O’ Blooms program works:

Please fill out the form below; include desired color scheme, flower preferences and details about the event.  We will respond with availability and attach an invoice to purchase the amount of buckets you'll need.

Ten days to one week before your event, once we know exactly what is blooming in our fields, you will receive an email with what we will have available for your event.

Our team will harvest your flowers and have them ready for you to pick up at our farm up as soon as two days prior to your event.

As a reminder, we only grow flowers, greenery and foliage native to our area so certain flower varieties are not available throughout all of the growing seasons.  For instance, tulips will not be available in August.

Please note that specific flowers cannot be guaranteed.  We will do our very best to accommodate your desired color palette, but we are unable to guarantee them.  Mother Nature rules in the end.  If you have certain varieties or flowers you just MUST have for your event, please contact us.  We may be able to grow them especially for you and your event or order them from a neighboring farm or florist in our area.

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